Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcome to the new site for Growing Lots Urban Farm! 

This site is a work in progress for sure... but it will be used throughout this upcoming season to help the community watch the neighborhood farm grow...

The farm will be run as both a neighborhood CSA for those interested in shares (a great way to invest in your local food source!) and will also have on-site Open Markets once the season gets underway.  Stay tuned for more on this! 

Right now all of our baby veggie plants are in the process of growing, growing, growing.. An indoor growing operation was set up this first year in a local warehouse space owned by Seward Redesign, and rented out by Verde Strategies (a rainbarrel-making company.. check them out online.. ).  Verde Strategies very graciously offered up some of their warehouse space to help this farm project get up and going this first year.. a huge thanks to those great guys..

So WHERE is the site?  That is an often asked question for sure.. The short answer is in the Seward Neighborhood.. the long answer is the final details are being worked out with both the landowners and the city, so until the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed, the curtain shall remain closed on this one.. but ALL shall be revealed in due time. 

So check back frequently for more information, pictures and stories from the Growing Side!

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