Monday, July 12, 2010

Growing Lots News and Fotos!

A few weeks back, The Mix, a bi-monthly publication produced by the Twin Cities co-ops, wrote an excellent article entitled "Sustainable Farms, Connected Communities".   Growing Lots Urban Farm was one of three farm models detailed in the article.. give it a read!

Also, back in the spring, The Sprout, (The Seward Co-op newsletter) did a story on Growing Lots Urban Farm for the April/May 2010 isues (though at the time the farm had as of yet to be named!)... well the other day Chris Bohnhoff, a local photographer who took pictures for the article at the time, stopped by the farm to do take follow-up pictures of the farms progress.  Here is a link to his blog featuring a few of his pictures:

Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing Monday! 

Best wishes from Growing Lots Urban Farm

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  1. Hey Stefan;
    Just watched the October video. Amazing stuff! No runoff issues!

    I was curious - if the melons were sitting right on the asphalt, did they cook? Did you have to shade the actual fruit, or put it on landscape cloth?